Track the customer journey

Call360 enables you to view the customer journey from click source, to call, to the customer’s orders and transactions, to enhance business reporting and optimisation. Our automatic call tracking and analytics integrate with Google, Facebook, Bing and a host of CRM systems, you’ll get a complete view of every inbound call.

It enables organisations large and small to track the customer journey and experience from click to offline phone calls, categorising the intent, sentiment and outcome automatically to create sales attribution models that are accurate and effective.

Remove the inaccuracy of assumptions and manual data collection with automated call tracking analytics, enabling every call to be analysed in real-time without the need for human intervention.

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Key performance indicators you can measure

  • Return on investment by channel
  • Return on Investment by keyword
  • Sales conversion by channel
  • Sales conversion by keyword
  • Average invoice value by channel
  • Average invoice value by

How it works

1. Call360 ensures every visitor to your website is shown a unique telephone number to call.

2. When the visitor calls, Call360 is able to automatically report on the traffic source, the search keywords used and the full user journey that brought them to the website. You can also route your own tracking numbers through our platform if preferred.

3. The call goes directly through to your business, with the call automatically recorded for our powerful AI to anonymously categorise the intent, outcome and sentiment of each call based on the conversation.

4. Call360 then brings click data, site visitor data, call data and CRM data into one unified sale attribution reporting suite, enabling faster customer experience discoveries without the need for manual intervention.

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Questions we answer

Which keywords are driving sales from inbound calls?

What channels are my most effective at generating phone sales?

Where could I spend more to increase sales revenue?

What is the lifetime value of a customer through Google vs Facebook from phone sales?

Which keywords are driving wasted clicks?

What ad creatives are driving the best ROI from inbound calls?

How could we increase sales conversion from phone sales?

Which of my locations generate the best/worst sales performance on the phone?

We integrate with all your favourite marketing platforms

Call360 works with hundreds of platforms - even internally-built platforms - to provide clients with critical insight and business performance metrics.

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Custom Built Reporting, Account Management and Analysts

Your Call360 reporting is built specifically for you to track and analyse what you want. Our account management team review your call tracking and analytics data constantly, helping you find data insight discoveries you need. It’s like having your own team of data analysts working for you.

What our customers say about us

trio media

Call360 has revolutionised the way we report on ROI on our clients’ paid media campaigns. The call tracking element has allowed us to measure return from phone calls for the first time, helping us with our attribution modelling and overall campaign performance.

Claire Daniels

CEO of Trio Media

We've seen our revenue grow 10-fold in 6 months and we are delighted with the results.

Andy Michell

Marketing Director – RED Driving School

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