The death of 3rd party cookies – and the future of attribution
Are Google cookies being removed
call tracking for estate agencies

Why Call Tracking is essential for Estate Agencies

Call Tracking & Analytics

Call tracking is a massively useful tool in lots of different industries, but for estate agents, it’s more than useful – it’s vital. Using call tracking allows you to use different phone numbers in different locations (physical or online). Then when the customer calls, the call tracking system records which number they’re using. Used in […]

call tracking problem solving

The business problems we solve, time after time

Call Tracking & Analytics

Hi-tech solutions are great – if you know how to use them. Call360 provide every client with a dedicated account manager, with extensive experience in identifying and solving problems using call tracking and analytics. Here’s a couple that we see and solve regularly.   ‘There’s a problem somewhere we can’t find – we’ve got a […]

Car dealership call tracking

Car dealerships – find out what’s driving your calls

Call Tracking & Analytics

If you sell cars, you’re probably well aware of how important phone calls are to car dealerships. The vast majority of car dealerships still use phone calls as the main channel for chasing leads and booking appointments and test drives – for most dealerships, it’s a strict requirement for customers to book in with their […]

Call360 Agency Offer - More Than Call Tracking

Call360 Agency Offer – More Than Call Tracking

Call Tracking & Analytics

What does Call360’s Agency Offer Include? Earn additional income for your agency, with zero hassle Use Call360 attribution to prove ROI from marketing – complete end-to-end view of the sales funnel Save account management time Helps you spot marketing opportunities and develop campaigns based on the data Most agencies see an increase in client spend […]

Call Tracking and Call Analytics are essential for telecoms providers
Call360 call tracking retail case study
call tracking and marketing attribution

Beyond attribution – Keep your marketing focused on the Big Picture

Call Tracking & Analytics

Attribution modelling is an incredible tool for learning about the buying journey of your customers. But it’s not the whole story. No matter how sophisticated your attribution model, no matter how well integrated your data sources – if you’re running a multi-channel or omnichannel marketing campaign, you’re going to have missing touchpoints. There are things, […]

What is a lead?

Qualifying leads with call tracking

Call Tracking & Analytics

A lead is a person who shows interest in your products and services. But not every lead is a customer. Some leads aren’t worth chasing. Why? Because they’re not ready to be your customer yet. They might never be ready. It’s important to know whether interested people are unqualified leads (we don’t know if they’re […]

A digital marketing tech stack essential

A digital marketing tech stack essential – Call Tracking

Call Tracking & Analytics

Why do businesses hire digital marketing agencies? The whole point of using an external marketing agency is to access the resources that larger businesses create in-house. It allows small-to-medium enterprises to compete in ways that would otherwise be inaccessible. If you’re a digital marketing agency, you’re judged by two main criteria – the quality and […]