A digital marketing tech stack essential – Call Tracking

A digital marketing tech stack essential – Call Tracking

Why do businesses hire digital marketing agencies? The whole point of using an external marketing agency is to access the resources that larger businesses create in-house. It allows small-to-medium enterprises to compete in ways that would otherwise be inaccessible.

If you’re a digital marketing agency, you’re judged by two main criteria – the quality and effectiveness of the marketing materials you produce, and the accuracy and insight of the ‘big picture’ you present to your client about how their marketing (and business) is performing.

It almost goes without saying that the two are interlinked – as digital marketers, we use the data we gather to increase the effectiveness of our marketing materials. If we can’t measure it, we can’t improve it.

If you aren’t using a call tracking and call analytics tool like Call360, you’re missing a big piece of the puzzle – as well as a few other distinct advantages you could be passing on to your clients. Here’s why you need call tracking.


Provide the ‘big picture’ to increase your authority, and become a genuine strategic partner to your client.

The trust of your client is vital. If you’re asking them to put their business in your hands, they need to know that your recommendations are based on comprehensive data. Call tracking and conversation intelligence will provide a much more detailed idea of how the client’s business is performing, both on and offline.


More accurate cost per lead.

You want to provide your client with the very best value for money. If you don’t know how many leads are coming in via calls, any figure you provide showing number of leads, or cost per lead, will be inaccurate (and probably won’t give you the credit you deserve).


Better monthly reporting with integrated data platforms and tools.

Call360 works seamlessly with Google Analytics and Google Data Studio, as well as all major CRMs. Our Account Management team will be happy to help you set up your integrations so the call tracking data lands where you need it, when you need it, without any tech headaches.


Better buyer personas.

Conversation intelligence, or call analytics, uses AI to analyse each call for call intent, sentiment, and outcome. This information allows you to test your buyer personas/customer profiles and see how well they match the client’s customers. If you want to get granular, the transcripts for each call can be downloaded and assessed further (this is also a great way to discover new keywords).


Find out if missed calls are costing clients money.

Call tracking records all calls – including calls that were missed, at any time of day. It’s possible to work out an average value per received call, and provide the client with an estimate of how much revenue is lost as a result of the missed calls. This provides the client with the insight they need to adjust their operation accordingly, to ensure that there’s always enough staff available to answer the phones.


Improve ROAS (return on ad spend), using tracking numbers to segment campaigns.

You can assign unique telephone numbers to your different PPC ad campaigns. These are then routed back to your client, but tracked separately, allowing you to see at a glance which campaigns are overperforming or underperforming. The AI sentiment analysis allows you to gauge the quality of the leads generated, too, so you can spend your precious PPC ad budget on the campaigns yielding the best results.


Enhanced attribution modelling.

Call360 can attribute leads to the search keyword used, the online source (website, social media, or any other route) or the geographic location. We can use tracking numbers to assess the performance of emails and newsletters, as well as any offline marketing assets.

The data provided by call tracking can help you create incredibly detailed and sophisticated attribution models that will lay bare the customer journey from initial brand awareness to purchase, even for complex B2B sales journeys involving buyer groups or multiple individuals.

If your digital marketing agency haven’t added call tracking to your tech stack yet, it’s time you caught up. In the words of one of our clients, Claire Daniels from Trio Media;

“Call360 has revolutionised the way we report on ROI on our clients’ paid media campaigns. The call tracking element has allowed us to measure return from phone calls for the first time, helping us with our attribution modelling and overall campaign performance.”


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