Qualifying leads with call tracking

Qualifying leads with call tracking

A lead is a person who shows interest in your products and services.

But not every lead is a customer. Some leads aren’t worth chasing. Why? Because they’re not ready to be your customer yet. They might never be ready.

It’s important to know whether interested people are unqualified leads (we don’t know if they’re likely to buy or not), qualified leads (they’ve demonstrated an interest in purchasing) or disqualified leads (they’re probably not interested enough to warrant chasing).

Even if a lead is disqualified, they can still be nurtured, with low-level marketing activities that do just enough to occasionally remind them of your brand, without annoying them with pushy sales tactics.

While marketing teams are likely to use the total number of all these types of leads as a metric worth measuring, sales teams are only likely to be interested in finding out about qualified leads, so they can concentrate their efforts on the people who are most likely to buy.

A lead qualification process is necessary to provide the sales team with the right leads. Call tracking and conversation intelligence are vital tools of this process, in several different ways.


Lead Tracking

If you know where each of your leads has come from, you can see how leads from different sources behave.

For example – you might find that leads generated from your PPC ads on certain keywords are more likely to become customers than leads generated by a PPC campaign using different keywords. Or it might be that your Instagram Ads perform better than your TikTok ads.

Tracking lead sources in this way allows you to improve your lead qualification process, identify the most effective way to qualify these leads, and enable their buying process accordingly.

There are lots of tools available to track your online leads. However, in lots of industries, customers are as likely to pick up the phone and call, rather than fill out an online enquiry form. At this point, the lead becomes an offline lead.

In order to track these offline leads, we can use call tracking to find out where a lead has come from. With unique tracking numbers assigned to your different channels, both off and online, all your calls can be attributed. And with a system like Call360, the lead tracking data can be integrated with your CRM and web analytics tools, too.


Sales Qualification

The lead qualification process doesn’t end once the phone rings. Sometimes, that first phone call marks the beginning of the buying journey.

Conversation intelligence will allow you to integrate your phone calls into the lead qualification process. Sales qualification is often assessed manually by the person operating the phone – however, call analytics will use AI to generate conversation intelligence data, automatically measuring each call for intent, sentiment, and outcome.


Here at Call360, we can build a call tracking and conversation intelligence platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing lead qualification process. We can help you to automatically qualify (or disqualify) your leads, providing the very best personalised marketing and sales solution for both you and your leads. Call us today to find out more.