Why the best marketers are listening to sales calls

Why the best marketers are listening to sales calls

Listening to sales calls doesn’t just provide marketers with great insights into the customer experience and the buying journey. It’s also a fantastic way to improve the sales process and provide the sales reps with the tools they need.


Understand your customers

Customer calls are hands-down the best source of information about your customer’s pain points. Dealing directly with customers on a one-to-one basis allows sales reps to develop unique perspectives into a customer’s problems and product-related issues. A talented sales rep can put a customer at ease, using conversational skills to encourage a customer to be more forthcoming, providing illuminating insight that would never appear in a survey.

Sales calls can also reveal a lot about perceptions of your brand. Why are customers choosing you over your competitors? How do sales representatives position your brand when they’re talking to the customer?

The negative interactions can be useful, too – customer calls can provide useful information about any barriers to purchase, allowing you to hear directly from the customer what the issues are. If an issue keeps cropping up, you can take the appropriate steps to address it.

Implementing a Voice of Customer Program provides a systematic approach to harnessing this invaluable data. B2B growth strategist and marketing consultant, Sunny Hunt, explains exactly how to create your VoC process here. As Sunny herself explains;

“Listen to customer calls…talk to the salespeople about their approach with customers, find out about common objections, worries, and even what the buying process looks like for your customers. Surveys are great but you need more direct information about your customers if you want to create marketing campaigns that not only connect but overperform.”


Pull your marketing assets into your sales process

Sales teams are busy dealing directly with your customers, one at a time. It’s easy for marketers to assume that sales reps are up to speed with all of your latest marketing strategies, but it’s not always the case. Unless you take a closer look at the buying journey, you won’t know what the sales team really need to close the deal.

It may be that marketing can identify a piece of online content that perfectly answers a persistent query or purchase barrier encountered by the sales team. By analysing customer calls, marketers can provide sales teams with the perfect responses, allowing them to solve the customer’s problems more effectively.

Many sales teams use a knowledge base, to help them quickly access any information or resources they might need while they’re on a call. This is a great place to start if you’re looking to expand the asset toolkit available to your sales team.


Making the most of Customer Voice

Your marketing materials need to communicate in the language of your customers to be effective. The voice of the customer can be a great source of website and sales copy,   and keeping an archive of call transcripts will provide an invaluable resource to inspire your marketing strategies.

Never lose sight of the way your customers describe your product, their problems, their experiences. It will keep your marketing grounded in the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of the most important stakeholders in your business.


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