The business problems we solve, time after time

The business problems we solve, time after time

Hi-tech solutions are great – if you know how to use them. Call360 provide every client with a dedicated account manager, with extensive experience in identifying and solving problems using call tracking and analytics. Here’s a couple that we see and solve regularly.


‘There’s a problem somewhere we can’t find – we’ve got a ‘feeling’ but we can’t put our finger on it!’ Data is a wonderful thing, but if your data stops dead when people pick up the phone, it’s never going to tell you everything.

One of the most regular complaints we hear from our clients is that they’ve got issues somewhere in the data ‘dead spot’. They look at their web analytics, and things couldn’t look better. All their channels are performing well, with solid conversions tracked across their Google Ads, their organic search, their socials…but the sales team reports are showing a different story. A lot of those conversions just aren’t showing up at the other end – the sales team aren’t even getting the call. What’s going wrong here?

With Call360, there’s no need for guesswork. The entire customer journey is visible, from online interaction through to sales call. And if they’re not ending the journey as a satisfied customer, we can show you why.

One of our clients, stuck in the data ‘dead spot’ had a suspicion that their internal calls were blocking up their phone lines. Within a day of activating Call360, we didn’t just confirm this suspicion – we found that the internal calls were blocking external calls from even getting through to the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system! By the end of the week, the client had a brand-new internal communication strategy in place, and they were saving thousands in revenue.


‘We look at the data to find our best performing channels. Then we optimise our spend accordingly – and nothing happens’. In the absence of the right data, the wrong data can lead to flawed conclusions, sending you on a wild goose chase. Are you optimising based on the wrong metrics?

Basic call tracking is better than none, but it’s not always going to point you in the right direction. Clients migrate to us from our competitors, frustrated with the basic call tracking that’s not helping them optimise. They’re ploughing their marketing spend into the channels that are delivering the most calls, but the revenue needle’s still stuck in the same place, no matter how much they spend. What’s going on?

Call360 use conversation intelligence AI to assess the intent, sentiment, and outcome of every call, which means at a glance you can understand how many of your calls are sales calls and how many are customer service calls, along with a breakdown of how successful your phone operatives were in dealing with the customer query.

So, if people are using the tracked number from your Google Ads to make customer service calls (as we’ve discovered for several clients), and your basic call tracking is classing these as sales calls – you’re not just sinking your budget into optimising for customer service calls, you’re paying per click, too!


Armed with this information, clients adjusted the wording of their Google Ads to ensure that sales and customer service calls were directed properly via their own tracked numbers, cleaning up the data and providing their marketing team with clear insights into campaign effectiveness.

We fix problems like this every day. If your data and revenue just aren’t matching up, get in touch with Call360. We’ll design a bespoke call tracking and AI solution to fit your business, and provide you with a 14-day free trial.