Call360 Agency Offer – More Than Call Tracking

Call360 Agency Offer – More Than Call Tracking

What does Call360’s Agency Offer Include?

  • Earn additional income for your agency, with zero hassle
  • Use Call360 attribution to prove ROI from marketing – complete end-to-end view of the sales funnel
  • Save account management time
  • Helps you spot marketing opportunities and develop campaigns based on the data
  • Most agencies see an increase in client spend after six weeks (extra revenue!)
  • 14-day free trial


What are Call360’s Agency Features?

  • Free access to a client account for agency partners – no additional licence required
  • Resources and training, so you’ll be the expert point-of-contact
  • Free support from a dedicated partner manager, providing help with pitches, analysing data or payments
  • Sponsorship for any events your client organises


Passive income for digital marketers – partner with Call360 and share our revenue

Good news for digital marketing agencies in this week’s blog. We’ve got a proposition for you that’s going to revolutionise your attribution modelling, increase your client’s marketing spend – and bring in thousands of pounds in guaranteed passive income.

Digital marketing agencies are the lifeblood of our business. The best agencies are as obsessed with using attribution data as we are.

So when they get an opportunity to provide their clients with the holy grail of digital marketing measurement – the ‘missing link’ of offline attribution data represented by call tracking and conversation intelligence – most agencies are smart enough to realise the extra value they can offer their clients by working with us.

We enjoy working with agencies too. They’re data-savvy, and they’re great at coming up with ways to use our product that even we hadn’t thought of. So, we’ve decided to reward our agency partners with an amazing offer.


80/20 split, with up to 20% of the recurring revenue per client – paid upfront.

When you bring us your clients, everybody wins. Your client benefits from a wealth of insights that help them understand which marketing channels result in sales calls. Choosing where to spend their marketing budget just got a lot easier.

You benefit from attribution data that reveals the final stage of the buying journey, giving you an end-to-end view of the sales funnel for the very first time and helping you advise your client on potential friction points along the way.

And we get the benefit of multiple client referrals from one source. So to show our appreciation, once your client has been onboard with us for three months we’ll give you 12 months of the revenue we make. That’s £1,197 for one client.

And the more clients you bring us, the better the deal – bring us 10 clients and you’ll earn £14,364.


Why your client needs call tracking and conversation intelligence 

Our call tracking and AI systems analyse every phone call for intent (the reason for the call), sentiment (the caller’s emotional response to the subject of the call) and outcome (the result of the call). This data is then quantified, so the client can understand at a glance the role of phone calls in their business.

Where are the calls coming from? How many calls are sales calls, and how many are for customer support? Is the call a result of a marketing campaign, a website visit, or a print ad? How many calls go unanswered? The answers to these questions can save or generate the client a lot of money.

Additionally, each call is recorded and available to download afterwards. This resource can be used to train sales teams, identify friction points in the buying journey, or look for SEO keywords that may present further marketing opportunities.


Why Call360 will improve the results you can offer your clients – and make life easier, too

  • Combined with web analytics, you’ll get an end-to-end view of every single buying journey – and if you integrate Call360 with your CRM, you’re working with joined-up data for the lifetime of that customer relationship, too.
  • Every call is sourced and attributed through dynamic numbering, allowing you to optimise your marketing campaigns immediately, based on the results of real-time reporting that we’ll integrate with your analytics setup.
  • We’ll provide a dedicated partner manager to give you all the support and training you need to feel confident using Call360. Your partner manager will help you prepare for pitches, analyse data, and make the most of Call360 for you and your client. As your confidence in using Call360 grows, you’ll become the expert point-of-contact on-call tracking for your client, adding a whole new service to your agency offer.
  • We’re confident that, like the majority of our agency partners, you’ll see an increase in client spend within six weeks.
  • We offer a free 14-day trial, so you and your clients can see the benefits before committing to our services.


You can read more about agency partnerships with Call360 here.