How Call360 helped one retailer make millions – Case Study

How Call360 helped one retailer make millions – Case Study

The modern marketing environment can be bewildering. With so many channels – organic search, Google Ads, social media platforms – it’s easy to lose track. To stay on track, it’s imperative to stay focused on customer experience – what are the friction points in the customer journey? And how can we solve them?

In this blog we’re going to take a real-life example of how Call360 were able to help one of their clients create an incremental sales opportunity of £6.4m a year – just by listening to their customers using our AI powered call tracking software.


Here’s what happened

As soon as we started working with the client – a leading UK bedroom furniture retailer – we were able to provide them with a comprehensive breakdown of all their incoming phone calls, across their 170 UK branches.

There were a lot of calls. More than 50,000 a year, in fact. And the worst thing was, we could see from our call tracking data that 72% of those calls went unanswered.

We flagged this up with the client, who was naturally surprised and concerned to see the actual volume of missed calls. While some branches were receiving more calls than others, it was clear that because these missed calls only amounted to a few missed calls a day in each branch, the problem was going unnoticed.

Further investigation revealed that due to staffing ratios and the large size of the retail outlets, it was physically difficult for the onsite staff to answer every caller.

By using our conversation AI to analyse the intent, sentiment, and outcome of the calls that were actually answered, we were quickly able to recognise the sales opportunity that the missed calls represented.

These weren’t just random enquiries, or customer complaints – these were genuine sales opportunities, and our client was missing 36,000 of them, every year.


Finding the solution

We worked with the client to outsource the calls, and helped them find a good call centre team that could handle the orders.

This was a huge opportunity to satisfy a segment of their customer base who wanted the convenience of ordering from home, while still getting the reassurance and accountability provided by a sales call rather than an online purchase.

So much of what we do (both professionally and personally) is still conducted in real life, rather than online. By working with Call360 to identify the problem, this client was able to fix a friction point in their buying journey that was costing them millions in potential revenue.

If your business includes telephone interactions, it’s worth seeing whether you’re making the most of this valuable conversation intelligence.


Call360 offer a free 14-day trial, where we’ll implement our call tracking services based on your business requirements, offering you a bespoke call tracking and call analytics solution.

You can analyse your customer experience, and get the full picture on what your customer – and your business – needs.


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