Why the best marketers are listening to sales calls
why marketers are using call tracking

Why the best marketers are listening to sales calls

Call Tracking & Analytics

Listening to sales calls doesn’t just provide marketers with great insights into the customer experience and the buying journey. It’s also a fantastic way to improve the sales process and provide the sales reps with the tools they need.   Understand your customers Customer calls are hands-down the best source of information about your customer’s […]

5 best PPC management tools

5 best PPC campaign management tools to drive revenue

Call Tracking & Analytics

Pay-per-click advertisements are the backbone of any modern marketing campaign, so we’ve rounded up five of the most essential ingredients for successful PPC campaign management. There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re a newcomer to the world of PPC or an experienced digital marketer.   Google Ads/Google Ads Editor It’s an obvious choice, but the […]

The Google Ads Conversion Attribution Models

How to choose the right attribution model

Call Tracking & Analytics

In one of our last blogs, we reported that Google had upgraded the functionality of GA4 properties to include data-driven attribution. We explained why this was great news for GA4 users. But what about GA3 users? Many digital marketers are still using the older Universal Analytics (or GA3) properties, due to features that still aren’t […]

call tracking for the hotel industry

The hotel industry and how to bounce back

Call Tracking & Analytics

It’s been a turbulent two years for the hotel industry, but there’s signs of recovery. The PwC Hotels Forecast predicts that revenues for hotels across the UK during 2022 will increase to between 64% and 100% of pre-pandemic levels. Despite this welcome news, hotels are still struggling with the challenges of a pandemic which has […]

AI call tracking and sales attribution software

How does Call360 work?

Call Tracking & Analytics

Let’s take a closer look at some of the main features and benefits of Call360. This UI presents us with the data we need at a glance. We can see immediately the reason for the call, listed under ‘Lead Status’. These different categories can also be viewed in another report (see below) which breaks down […]

Google Analytics Update G4 Call360

GA4 and call tracking integration

Call Tracking & Analytics

If you own or work with a Google Analytics 4 property, you may have received an email recently, informing you that ‘your Google Analytics 4 properties will be upgraded to cross-channel data-driven attribution on or after 26 January 2022’.   Is this good news? Yes, most definitely. Previously, the only way to access data-driven attribution […]

Dental practice CRM

CRM for dentists – Are you making the most if it?

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Four in ten dentists report that it will take them at least a year to clear their backlog of dental patients, due to the restrictions experienced during lockdown. It’s never been more important for dental practices to ensure they have an efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in place. As well as the more famous […]

google analytics

7 ways to improve SEO with call tracking and analytics

Call Tracking & Analytics

Your SEO is only as good as your data. Without information about how your website visitors interact with you online, your search engine optimisation strategy is reduced to picking keywords from a wish list and hoping you’ve used them correctly. Having the right data (and interpreting it correctly) allows you to understand what’s working and […]

4 Best Call Analytics Practices

4 Best Call analytics practices for growing your business

Call Tracking & Analytics

Investing in the right software goes a long way to driving business growth. After all, your technology stack is the heart of your brand, powering internal processes, helping you connect with customers and building revenue. A great tool to add to your technology stack is call analytics software. Intuitive and data-driven, call analytics identifies customer call […]

Call Tracking Vs Call Analytics Technology

Call tracking vs call analytics technology

Call Tracking & Analytics

There are many ways you can discover how a prospect found your brand and one of the most traditional methods is call tracking software. Companies use it to track where a call came from, and this can unearth information like the name of the caller. However, call tracking may not always be suitable and you […]