CRM for dentists – Are you making the most if it?

CRM for dentists – Are you making the most if it?

Four in ten dentists report that it will take them at least a year to clear their backlog of dental patients, due to the restrictions experienced during lockdown.

It’s never been more important for dental practices to ensure they have an efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in place. As well as the more famous CRM products, like Oracle and Salesforce, there are many specific healthcare and dental practice management software options available.


Why Do I Need Dental Practice Management Software? 

  • Practice Management Software will allow you to manage your outbound communications with patients, all in one place. This includes appointment reminders and invoices, as well as any marketing materials you may wish to share with your patients.

In order to manage your inbound communications from the same system, you’d need to integrate a call tracking and analytics system such as Call 360 – more on that later.

  • Modern CRM systems offer a centralised database for all your patient records and data, with full GDPR compliance integrated into the design. This helps prevent data breaches, and can also be used to ensure all treatments are in accordance with the individual patient’s needs and medical history.
  • Patients can be segmented to improve your marketing efforts. For example, patients who have previously booked teeth whitening treatments may be interested in veneers and vice versa. Patients can be segmented according to average spend, in order to identify high value patients who may possibly advocate your services to other potential high value patients.


Integrate Call Tracking and Analytics with your CRM

80% of healthcare appointments are booked over the phone. When phone communication plays such a major role in your business operations, it’s vital that you integrate call tracking and analytics into your CRM.

  • It’s estimated that around 29% of calls to healthcare providers go unanswered, to be picked up (hopefully) by the answering machine.

A call analytics platform like Call 360 won’t just catalogue these calls according to time, duration, and other metrics – Call 360 uses AI to analyse the spoken content of the message, and can then segment the messages according to the intent of the caller – allowing you to respond to the most urgent calls first.

  • Many larger dental practices and healthcare providers operate their services across more than one physical location. When one company has several locations, it’s still common for customers to find themselves on the phone to the wrong location – which then requires them to either be transferred, or to hang up and ring the other number.

Call tracking and analytics allows you to identify these calls, and can attribute the call to a given webpage, if the patient has called directly from their device after accessing your website. This, coupled with the AI analysis of their call intent and outcome, will allow you to make changes and optimise your online materials to help reduce the frustration of your patients.

  • Call 360 is fully compatible with popular CRM systems such as Oracle and Salesforce, and our dedicated Account Management Team will provide any support necessary, guiding you through the setup processes and adjusting the reporting functions of the software to provide you with the insights you need. Think of us as your own team of data analysts.


Get in touch today to find out how Call360 can help you better serve the needs of your patients.