4 Best Call analytics practices for growing your business

4 Best Call analytics practices for growing your business

Investing in the right software goes a long way to driving business growth. After all, your technology stack is the heart of your brand, powering internal processes, helping you connect with customers and building revenue.

A great tool to add to your technology stack is call analytics software. Intuitive and data-driven, call analytics identifies customer call sources for deep insights into consumer behaviour.

When using the software effectively, you’ll be able to boost your business and here are four of our best call analytics practices.


1. Understand the metrics you’re tracking

In the early stages of the call analytics process, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the metrics you want to measure to determine success and to keep evolving your strategy.

Here are some of the most useful call analytics metrics to measure:

  • Number of calls: This is likely to be the most frequent KPI that’s tracked, especially if you’re a business that relies on calls for new leads and business.
  • Call length: Generally, the longer the call the more likely a prospect is to be a hot lead. This metric is good for determining which campaigns, keywords and landing pages have created the best phone calls.
  • Landing page performance: This metric can reveal which pages of your website delivered the most calls, qualified leads, customers etc.


2. Use strategic Calls-To-Action (CTAs) on landing pages

When using the software, we recommend placing CTAs in strategic locations on your website e.g. at the top of landing page. The CTA in this instance would be a phone number that leads to a prospect having a phone conversation with you.

Depending on the context of the landing page, it’s possible to have more than one CTA. You might include the phone number in the main menu section of your website and then feature it at the bottom of the page as a button that says ‘CALL TODAY.’

Once a prospect rings the number, the call analytics technology will analyse data and you’ll be in a better position to know more about your audience for future marketing campaigns.


3. Analysing the most valuable marketing channels

After you set up call analytics, it’s good practice to assign one phone number to each of the marketing channels that you’re advertising on. For example, if you’re using Google Ads or Facebook ads, then use a number for each of the ads.

By doing this, you’ll gain more insight into how each ad is performing and get an indication of which marketing channel is bringing in the most calls. As a bonus, you’ll save money because you can be more strategic with your resources.


4. Check over call transcripts

An awesome feature of call analytics technology is it produces a transcript for every phone conversation. Transcripts capture information like the keywords a caller used, the type of language, general mood and more.

It’s worth referring back to this information after a call to get a better understanding of customer behaviour and you’ll be able to improve your products or services based on the feedback.


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