How to supercharge sales attribution with Call360

How to supercharge sales attribution with Call360

One of the most important parts of growing a business is having effective sales attribution. When you’re able to determine which media and channels are driving sales you can refine your marketing and create a foundation for long term success.

Sales attribution is also a time-consuming process, requiring you to analyse multiple touch points across the customer journey. You may want to focus on other areas of your business and having a tool that streamlines sales attribution could be the answer.

That’s where Call360 comes in and when used in the right way, it can supercharge sales attribution and take your brand to the next level.


How does Call360 work?

Call360 is an intuitive call analytics platform that can be used to drive more conversions and bring in higher ROI. The technology works via a dynamic phone number being positioned on your website that a customer can use to call you directly.

When a customer calls, the conversation is recorded and built-in AI software categorises the intent, outcome and sentiment of every call automatically.

Next, important information such as site visitor data and CRM data is unified into a single attributed view. This speeds up the process of finding new sales insights while removing manual labour.

With this data to hand, you can dramatically improve reporting and optimise your marketing campaigns.


What kind of sales attribution KPIs can be measured?

Before starting your sales attribution strategy, it’s vital that you have a list of goals and KPIs in mind so you can track your progress and ensure you’re getting the most value. Here are some recommended KPIs to think about and that can be measured with call analytics technology:

  • Return on investment by keyword
  • Return on investment by channel
  • Sales conversion by channel
  • Sales conversion by keyword


How does Call360 relate to sales attribution?

In a sales attribution context, Call360 is a game-changer for several reasons:


Click to call source tracking

The customer journey is non-linear, with shoppers moving across different touchpoints on their way to making a purchase. For example, a shopper might come to your website via a Google ad, look at your products, leave and then be brought back through a social media channel.

Tracking this journey makes all the difference with sales attribution and Call360 gives you the power to track customers from the moment they click to the time they make an offline phone call.


Detailed AI analysis

Finding out what customers are saying about your business makes it easier for you to create marketing campaigns that resonate with them. Call360’s AI feature analyses phone calls at a deep level, collating source data that can be turned into strategies that bring in more revenue.

A valuable element of this analysis is categorising calls down to the keyword level. The platform provides an overview of keywords a shopper typed in via search engines and any important phrases that came up during the phone conversation.


Easy integration

As a versatile sales attribution platform, Call360 can integrate with many systems to improve overall processes. This includes Google, Facebook, Bing, bespoke CRM systems and more.


Refine your sales attribution strategy with Call360 today

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