4 breath taking benefits of call analytics software

4 breath taking benefits of call analytics software

When it comes to lead generation, call tracking software is often touted as a popular tool for keeping a log of the people who’re phoning your business and trying to follow up with them. Yet you may only ever see a snapshot of what they were interested in and have no way to understand the behaviour that led them to make a call in the first place.

That’s where call analytics software really makes a difference. Considered to be the next frontier of call tracking, call analytics software makes use of AI learning to paint a full picture of prospects and unlock new leads.

With that in mind, here are four benefits of call analytics software.


1.    Insight becomes foresight

One of the major benefits of call analytics is that it gives you deep insight into customer behaviour by analysing where a call came from and the steps that were taken to making the call.

For example, if a customer discovered your brand through a search engine, then the technology would track the click source and keep a record of the call too.

This could be combined with other valuable data, such as call duration to get a better idea of customer needs and you’ll be able to use this information for a future marketing campaign.


2.    Supercharge your sales growth

Call analytics software provides a gateway to sales growth through identifying important customer data, such as what channels a prospect came through, which keywords are leading to the most sales and more.

Armed with this data, you’ll be able to optimise your marketing strategies and continue to grow your business.


3.    Find out what customers are really saying about you

Another advantage of call analytic platforms like Call360 is that you’ll be able to get to the heart of what customers truly think of you and your business.

This works through a conversation transcript being generated after each call. The transcript will contain all the major questions, concerns and queries that a customer has, and you’ll be able to pick out relevant keywords.

By having this understanding, you’re in a better position to promote new products, change the things that customers think need to be improved and continuously evolve as a brand.


4.    Streamline your budget

Through using call analytics software, you’ll be able to refine your budget and become more strategic.

The system enables you to analyse the channels that are influencing sales, which you can then use to identify the cost per acquisition of different marketing campaigns and how much money you’re using on ad spend.

The result? You’ll have a measure of true ROI.

Harness the power of call analytics with Call360

A powerful AI-based platform, Call360 Analytics can help you leverage all the benefits we’ve talked about and more. The software automatically categorises the result of every phone call and then provides a thorough overview of all the sources the call came from.


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