Why Digital Marketing Agencies should invest in call analytics software

Why Digital Marketing Agencies should invest in call analytics software

As a marketer you want to provide the best service to your clients by giving them peace of mind that their money is being well-spent. That the campaigns you’re creating are bringing in revenue and there are metrics and KPIs being tracked to back up what you’re saying.

That’s a lot of moving parts and having the tools to make you a better marketer will make your job easier. Digital marketing agencies are sure to benefit from using Call360 in how they handle client marketing strategies.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can use the power of call analytics technology to boost marketing campaigns for clients in multiple industries.


Call360 explained

An industry leader in call analytics software, Call360 harnesses intuitive AI technology to keep a detailed record of every source a customer phone call came from. All data is categorised and examined to be put to use for creating better marketing campaigns.


What data is gathered by Call360?

  • Social media channel a call came from e.g. Facebook or Instagram
  • Keywords used by searchers that are typed into search engines
  • Ad channels
  • The touch points taken by a website visitor before making a phone call


What are the benefits for digital marketing agencies?

Analyse the behaviour of individual customers

Successful marketing hinges on the ability to understand the wants, needs and habits of different customers. Finding out what they think and feel about your client’s brand will put you a step closer to forging a genuine customer connection. That is one of Call360’s greatest strengths.

The platform examines the sources of customer enquiries and drills down into information such as how they found a brand and overall opinion while speaking on the phone.

By having this data to hand, you can build up a bigger picture of individual customers across different industries.


Turbocharge ad campaigns

After having all the necessary data examined, agencies can refine client marketing and ad strategies. For example, a high volume of leads may have been detected through Google Ads and you decide that you want to create a new Google Ads campaign that addresses the challenges customers have expressed over the phone.

This approach allows you to be more strategic and grow your client’s revenue at the same time.


Deliver on ROI

Do you find yourself in a lot of client conversations that are focused solely on return on investment? With Call360, you can go into those conversations confident that you’ll be able to deliver on expectations.

The platform offers deep insight into the kind of strategies that are generating calls, leads and conversions. This might involve focusing on a specific sales channel or being systematic with how you approach marketing budgets.

Whatever you identify, you’ll be able to demonstrate the true value of your services and showcase ROI.


See Call360 in action today

From enhancing marketing strategies to providing a clearer picture of customer behaviour, Call360 is an ideal marketing tool for digital agencies. But don’t take our word for it.

Book a free demo today, see the software in action and make an informed decision.