The customer experience benefits of call analytics software

The customer experience benefits of call analytics software

Customer experience is at the heart of building a successful brand. It’s how you treat, interact with, promote and sell to your audience and ensure they have their needs met.

To create a phenomenal customer experience, it’s not a one-off activity or something that happens overnight. It requires constant work and using different tools to refine your strategies and technology that comes in handy is call analytics.

Intuitive and proactive, call analytics software can rapidly improve customer experience processes and in this blog we’ll explore some of the benefits.

Get deep insight into customer behaviour

One of the major benefits of call analytics technology is that it provides greater insight into customer behaviour. This is achieved through the source of a phone call being tracked e.g. a social media channel and analysing the content of a phone conversation.

For instance, you might receive a call from a prospect who has certain challenges that need to be addressed and wants more information about your products. This data will be categorised in the platform and you can start forming a stronger picture of that individual.

Once you’ve gathered the right data, you’re in a better position to forge long term customer connections and improve user experience.

Grow your revenue and see genuine ROI

A useful customer experience feature of call analytics technology is the tracking of key sales and lead channels. For example, a consumer might have been brought to your website from a Google Ads campaign or LinkedIn may be generating a high level of qualified leads.

The software will track these channels and provide you with an overview. From there, you can improve your marketing strategy for specific channels and assign budgets for faster growth and better ROI.

Speed up customer experience analysis

There’s a lot to consider with customer experience analysis. It involves direct and indirect contact with your brand and here are some examples:

Direct contact

  • Marketing (Social media, SEO, content, outreach)
  • Sales (cold emails, calls, demos)
  • Advertising (print and online)

Indirect contact

  • Word of mouth
  • Online reviews
  • Brand mentions

Accounting for all these touch points is time-consuming and a call analytics platform removes the manual element. This is usually achieved through AI automatically categorising all phone calls.

Tracking important KPIs

A customer experience analysis strategy is only as good as the goals and KPIs that are set. Defining these metrics should be done as early as possible to ensure you get the best possible results.

Call analytics software can track a wide range of KPIs, including but not limited to:

  • Net sentiment score: This metric shows the number of positive reviews in relation to the number of negative reviews and can be pulled from social media and online surveys.
  • Customer churn rate: Also known as rate of attrition, this metric is the rate at which customers stop buying from you.
  • Customer cancelation rate: A metric that indicates how your business is performing and is the percentage of customers that cancel a service outside of a set cancellation period.
  • Customer effort score: This metric measures how much effort a customer has to put in to get a request fulfilled or a problem solved.

Embrace the benefits of customer experience analysis with Call360

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